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Spectrophotometer ZUZI 4101

Product no.: HJB001

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Very useful and easy to use spectrophotometer for measurements in the visible spectral range. Features:

  • Compact and robust design.
  • Manual wavelenght selector and digital display for reading the obtained results.
  • Blank (0% ABS) and auto zero (0%T) easy to perform. Selection of the operation mode by pressing one button.
  • Sample compartment for a 10mm light path cell. Include 2 glass cells and a black cell to perform the auto zero.
  • Measurements of absorbance and transmittance in the visible spectral range. Model 4111RS allows quantitative analysis by taking a sample of known concentration as reference or by entering the F factor value (Abs=F-Conc).
  • Model 4111RS is provided with RS232 output to connect to a computer and application software based on Windows that allows calculation of concentration curves using up to 12 reference samples, and kinetics curves.
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1 - 1 of 5 results