Professional Microscope URA 155

Product no.: HBC006

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URA Technic presents this microscope for coobservation, ideal for teaching in small groups and sharing data between researchers. For this purpose, the equipment presents 5 binocular heads, all of them with interputillary distance adjustment and dioptre correction. Furthermore, the microscope is equipped with a LED pointer with intensity adjustment to point at those regions of interest to be easily identified by the different coobservers.

The microscope presents coarse and fine focus coaxial knobs at both sides provided with a friction control ring and a focusing upper limit blocking lever, avoiding the slide to hit accidentally the objective.

The nose piece is quadruple with achromatic objectives and the Abbe condenser presents a double lens and a numerical aperture of 1.25 and it is  height adjustable by a rack and pinion mechanism. It is also provided with a filter holder that includes two filters, green and blue, and an iris diaphragm. Illumination is done through a 100W halogen lamp with independent power source and intensity adjustment at the power source. The mechanical stage is 130x140mm and presents two vertical coaxial knobs to move around 75(X)x50(Y)mm. For an easier localization of specimens in the sample, the plate presents a 0,1mm precision scale along the X and Y axes.

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