Spectrophotometer ZUZI 4211/20

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The new series of Zuzi spectrophotometers presents a more modern and current line and incorporates a set of features that make equipment into precise and reliable instruments.

The 4211/20 and 4211/50 spectrophotometers belonging to this new series are ideal for use in research laboratories as they allow the performance of qualitative (absorbance and transmittance measurements) and quantitative (calculation of concentrations) analysis in the visible and UV-visible respectively.

ZUZI 4211/20 laboratory spectrophotometer with the following features:

1| Large LCD screen (128x64 bits) easy to read, which shows the results of the different measurements as well as the concentration curves and their equations.
2| Memory that allows to store up to 200 absorbance and transmittance data. The memory also allows you to save and retrieve up to 200 different standard curves, being very useful in tests with samples of the same nature and speeding up the daily work of the laboratory.
3| Precise selection of the working wavelength via the keyboard.
4| Tungsten and deuterium lamps (model 4211/50) can be switched on and off independently to extend their lifetime.
5| Sample compartment with manual external exchanger that can accommodate up to 4 cuvettes with 10 mm light path.
6| Application software that provides total control of the functions and operation of the spectrophotometer from a computer and that allows obtaining enzyme kinetic curves.

Main functions:

1| Basic mode: measurement of absorbance and transmittance at a certain wavelength.
2| Quantitative mode: calculation of the concentration of different samples from the equation of a standard curve (C=k·A+b). Two methods:
    a| Coefficient: the value of the coefficients k and b of the equation are entered directly through the keyboard.
    b| Standard Curve - allows up to 9 standard samples to be used to establish the standard curve equation.

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