SICO Oval Graduate Bench Folding Mobile Table

Product no.: SI-TTB103B

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An oval table with attached seating

Now you can seat more students in the same space with SICO® Graduate Table Seating Units. The SICO® Graduate Table Seating Unit can service 25-40% more students than standard tables with chairs in the same space. Students are not only seated more efficiently, but aisles can be narrower since there are no chairs to slide out. With its attractive oval or octagonal design, the SICO® Graduate also promotes student interaction, making it perfect for food service use, or group project settings.

What goes up must come down

From stationary to mobile in a matter of moments, the SICO® Graduate can be folded and rolled out of the way far faster than any table with loose chairs. This results in less labour and faster clean up.

Quality and performance

Quality products can be used over and over again for years without the need for replacement. SICO® Graduate tables feature an attractive design and rugged construction, even when put through the hard use of a school setting. With many laminate top colours and seat colours to choose from, the Graduate is an attractive table in any environment.

A quieter, safer environment

Tables with attached seats eliminate the noise of chairs moving around and banging together. They also eliminate aisle blockage that can occur with chairs. With attached seating, floors retain their beauty longer and your staff spend less time maintaining them. The SICO® Graduate is also very easy to handle. The units fold and roll easily, and nest together for compact storage.

Due to popular demand, our favourite Graduate table now comes with a bench option for increased seating capacity and even more interaction through lunch.

Four available heights, 61cm, 66cm, 68cm and 74cm. Indicate the desired height in the order.

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