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Microscope ZUZI 116 Educational

Product no.: HBB003

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Zuzi microscope 116 presents excellent features for either researchers or professionals thanks to its strong and modern design. His main features are:

1| Monocular head inclined 45º and rotary 360º.
2| Its coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs make the focusing of the sample easier with the following route focusing:
    - Coarse: 30 mm. with final stop.
    - Fine: 30 mm (0-200 micron each 2 microns).
3| Fix condenser with simple lens (A.N.: 0.65) and iris diaphragm.
4| Mobile filter holder that includes a blue filter of Ø 32 mm.
5| High intensity LED lamp.
6| Potenciometer to regulate light intensity.


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3 - 3 of 12 results