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Microscope ZUZI 128/22 Educational

Product no.: HBB009

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Zuzi microscopes series 128 are compact and light equipments ideal for introductory practices of microscope slides observation. They present a head rotary in 360º to be placed at the most comfortable position for the user, and a triple or quadruple (depending on the model) nosepiece with the most commonly used objectives in teaching (4x, 10x, 40x and 100x). Coarse and fine focusing adjustments are performed through independent knobs located at both sides of the stative to be easily handled by left or right-handed users. The microscopes are provided with a vertically adjustable Abbe condenser (N.A.: 1.25) and an iris diaphragm to control the intensity of light that reaches the sample. The equipments also include a filter holder and a green filter. Illumination is performed through an halogen lamp or a LED diode with an intensity adjustment knob to get the optimal sample illumination. Thanks to their features, easy handling and several accessories that can be attached, the Zuzi microscopes series 128 constitute complete equipments, very useful for educational purposes.

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